HonEURs for Alumni


Keep up to date on the exciting events that we have planned for the coming year! Even if you already graduated from an Erasmus Honours programme, you can still challenge and develop yourself academically through our academic and professional events. While at the same time magnifying your professional network, finding recruitment opportunities, and potential business partners. Moreover, through the Alumni Reunion Events, we welcome successful alumni from all industries, continents, and professions to present their achievements and meet up with other alumni and HonEURs members to facilitate a valuable exchange of ideas.

Furthermore, we are very much interested in potential collaborations. If you would like to, for instance, present your current company or introduce your innovative business ideas for an impactful collaborative event, do not hesitate to contact us!


Our alumni form our most valuable partners. As all of our alumni are former Honours students, we have the rare privilege of being part of a network that consists of the most talented students from the Erasmus University. The HonEURs Association, therefore, connects all of our alumni to facilitate a community where perspectives and ideas can be exchanged freely. Membership bonding is of key importance to creating prolonged and valuable relationships in order to unleash the full potential of the association beyond the campus.

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