Naomi Seldenthuis


Andreea Dedea

Vice President & Community Director

Tiara Nijssen


Erwin van der Bij


Adrian Ciurea

Program Director

Elisa Gorodetskaya

Marketing Director

Strategy 23/24

With the goal to connect students today and develop them for the future, the HonEURs Association is the exclusive community platform for current and past Honours Students at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). Through both social and academic events, we take the interfaculty approach out of the classroom, encouraging a vivid exchange between students.  

We believe honours students have a lot of value to offer. By bringing together these passionate and motivated students, we aim to create an opportunity for fruitful discussions and social interactions. The association provides a platform for ambitious, talented students to engage in both social and academic events, which serve to promote an exchange of ideas and perspective among students from different academic, social and cultural backgrounds. As all students accelerate in their own specific disciplines, the HonEURs Association hopes to create opportunities for students to learn from each other and develop their skills and knowledge in a more holistic and diverse setting.

As the XVth board of HonEURs we aim to build a bridge between the two main distinctive past strategies: that of the XIIIth Board and of the XIVth board. We aim to deliver the optimal cohesive and sustainable identity for the HonEURs association, which will ensure that our old and new members feel safe, understood, inspired and prepared for their future with a deep sense of belonging to our community. To achieve this, we believe communication is key at every step through the four bridges that we will build.

For the academic year 2023-2024, the XIVth Board will facilitate the activities of HonEURs, while keeping the following 4 bridges in mind.

Bridge between the old and the new community – Bridge between social and professional

Bridge between student life and professional – Bridge between different faculties and their associations