Are you looking for the next challenge? Would you like to work in a dedicated team and shape the HonEURs association? Then you should apply to become part of the HonEURs Board 2021-2022!

You will acquire hands on experience in leading an association with over 500 members and expand your network beyond your study. As a HonEURs Board member you will go through the steepest learning curve you have ever experienced and develop yourself in terms of communication and organizational skills, which will stay with you forever. Most importantly, leading the association with your 4 other board members will be the most fun and rewarding experience of your student life. A board position at the HonEURs Association offers you the opportunity to dream big and the freedom to organize the events you would like to see. We are looking for people who are dedicated to take the HonEURs association to the next level. At HonEURs nothing is set in stone, it’s what you make out of it!

Read more about the specific part-time board positions here:


Seeking to advance your strategic leadrship skills?

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Do you want to get hands on experience in managing the associations finances?

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Communications Director

Are you dedicated to make people excited about HonEURs and its events?

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Program Director

Do you want to be in charge of the associations academic and professional events?

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Community Director

Are you a social butterfly and want to build a strong HonEURs community?

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(Note that the titles of some of the positions have changed compared to the current HonEURs board, the responsibilities will however remain the same)

Application procedure:

To apply for one (or more) of the part-time board positions please send us the following documents:

  • updated CV
  • motivational letter

Please answer in your motivational letter the following questions (max. 200 words per question):

  1. Which position(s) are you applying for?
  2. Why did you choose the position (first choice) that you are applying for?
  3. Besides your position, what trait/skill/competency do you bring to the board and association?
  4. With regards to the upcoming year, what opportunities could the HonEURs Association explore?

If you have any questions about the board year, the positions or the application procedure, please reach out to us!

We are looking forward to your application!

Deadline for the board applications is the 21st of April 23:59!

Email your updated CV and motivational letter here: