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Hey there! What are you doing on 22nd of September at 19:00?

This could be you:

But we’re suggesting some other plans, which we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t want to cancel:

Look in the back. Yup, that’s Val, or our Chief Party Officer and he’ll be there to make sure everyone raises their alcoholoic beverages. We just want to bring everyone together and catch-up with each other and meet the new members. No pretentions. Show up and the first two drinks are on us. And as the night smoothly progresses, we promise spontaneous games, contagious laughter and a good mood. We might go karaoke afterwards, who knows. Whatever we feel like, possibilities are open and numerous, so join us for the first-of-this-year HonEURs Social Evening. Yup, fine, our CPO needs to come up with a better party name.

See you there!

And to spread only laughter and not germs, please kindly register here so we can keep track and ensure proper compliance with COVID-19 restrictions.

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September 22, 2021
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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