Workshop: Make a Difference with your Future Career!

Would you like to make a difference with your future career? And what does it even mean to make a difference? Join this interactive workshop led by professional career-counselors of Effective Altruism at Oxford University.

HonEURs Christmas Dinner

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas … Get in the Christmas spirit with our HonEURs Christmas Dinner!

Mindful Yoga with an Olympian


What is the best way to start into the week and release the stress after a busy day? – With Yoga!

HonEURs Alumni Reunion


After the success of last year’s reunion event, we are pleased to invite you to the second Alumni Reunion Event. Join and network!

Dutch General Elections


An interactive event with several Dutch politicians on the topics of National Security and Sustainability.

Next Step in AI: Human-Computer Symbiosis?


The accelerated development of artificial intelligence poses questions regarding the role of human decision making in the future. But what does this entail?

Fashion & Tech Event

How can tech contribute to a sustainable fashion industry? Join us April 29th online, on this interesting topic with two interesting speakers in an interactive lecture on Fashion and Technology.

Working in the Public Sector


Does a career in the public sector appeal to you? Can you see yourself working for an Intergovernmental Organization, Non-Governmental Organization or Ministry?

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