Study Trip to Geneva


A diverse study trip including a visit to the United Nations Office, exploring the city of Geneva and hiking up La Saléve to get a beautiful view of the city and surroundings.

Space Talks

The live-stream part of our Space Talks included 3 astronauts sharing their experience.

Welcome Back!


Join us for the first HonEURs drink of the academic year! The ideal place to meet and socialise with your friends and to get to know new Honours students.

Alumni Reunion


Time to network! Connect with your fellow classmates and relive your experiences as a student at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Or join as a current student to talk to past Honours students and hear about their success stories.

Virtual Escape Room


Bored at home? Join our mysterious, thrilling and fun online adventure!

Workshop: Make a Difference with your Future Career!

Would you like to make a difference with your future career? And what does it even mean to make a difference? Join this interactive workshop led by professional career-counselors of Effective Altruism at Oxford University.

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