Big Brother is Watching: Privacy vs. Security in the 21st century

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Can we preventively arrest someone if the data suggests that this person might commit a crime in the future? How far can we take biometric facial recognition systems? And what about the notorious Corona-apps?

The increasing digitalization has brought many positive developments for our modern society but also created new and unknown threats concerning national security. At the same time, the increased digitalization has also provided governmental security and intelligence agencies with more tools and opportunities to protect national security, respond to threats, and reduce crime rates. For example, the implementation of facial recognition technologies and big data analytics have drastically reduced crime rates in major Chinese cities during the last five years.

However, many people have raised concerns about the morality behind the mobilization of data for security purposes. Because these measures often go hand in hand with infringements on the personal privacy of individual citizens. Isn’t the right to privacy a human right as well?

In this online panel discussion we will deal with the question: ‘’As far as the use of data is concerned, should national security take precedence over personal privacy?’’

Several influential experts will join to give their opinion around topics surrounding this Privacy vs. Security debate and engage in a discussion with the students:
– Pieter Bindt: Former Director of the Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD)
– Quirine Eijkman: Deputy President at the National Human Rights Institute of the Netherlands
– Bernold Nieuwesteeg: Director of the Center for the Law and Economics of Cyber Security at Erasmus University Rotterdam.
– Liesbeth Vink: Associate Professor Security at the Aviation Academy Amsterdam.

As we want to be a platform for Academic and Professional development, for the first time in HonEURs Association history, this event has public spots for non-members of the HonEURs Association.

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October 22
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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United States
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