Communications Director

Description of the function

  • Setting up marketing strategies for HonEURs to grow and connect the HonEURs community
  • Maintaining and strengthening the branding of HonEURs
  • Creating content to keep our social media such as Instagram and LinkedIn up-to-date and engaging
  • Managing and promoting our merchandise
  • Managing our takeovers at other faculties

Why should you apply?

As the Marketing Director of HonEURs, you get to strengthen both your strategic and creative skills. On one hand, you’ll have to brainstorm and implement marketing and branding strategies to grow the reputation of the association. On the other hand, you can always enrich your creativity with generating different types of content for marketing or designing new merchandise for HonEURs. Another reason is that you get to make new connections or super meaningful friendships as you join different events at HonEURs.

[Quynh Dang – Marketing Director of the XIVth HonEURs Board]