Program Director

Description of the function

  • Organise professional events such as company visits and workshops
  • Organise cultural and academic events such as a visit to the opera and museums
  • Maintain contact with other associations and the Dutch Honours Community
  • Establish, maintain and manage external relations with companies, organisations and other parties

Why should you apply?

Being a part of the XIVth board has been an amazing experience. It allowed me to develop many new skills, apply things I learned during my studies in real life and organise great events. You also get to meet the members really well, but also very interesting external parties and other associations. Being a program director is a unique position, as you are not only responsible for the formal events but also for managing the external parties. It offers some challenges, which gives you room to develop your skills. Through your efforts in both managing the external parties as well hosting a great deal of the events, you can really shape the association.

[Robin Croes – Program Director of the XIVth HonEURs Board]