Community Director

Description of the function

  • Organizing drinks and other social events of exceptional entertainment quality. Fun and bonding come first
  • Improving and expanding the Mentorship Programme to help members get the career development guidance they need and deserve

Why should you apply?

The social events are the backbone of the HonEURs association, allowing people to get together freely in a chill atmosphere. You have the direct opportunity to continue making HonEURs a lovely community with a welcoming and open vibe.

There is a more professional side to the Community Director as well: organizing the Mentorship Programme. In my experience it was quite difficult and time-consuming (hopefully less so for you as most of the development was successfully finished this year). However, the feeling of accomplishment you get when people tell you how happy they are with the programme makes all the effort worth it. Overall, there is a bit of work but Community Director is hands down the most fun role to fulfil and in my humble opinion provides the most gratification.

[Adam Krupa – Community Director of the XIVth HonEURs Board]