Description of the function

  • Supporting the board members in their work and making sure all board members get the most out of their board year
    Chairing the board meetings
  • Supervising our team of ambassadors
  • Being responsible for our contact with the Erasmus Honours Academy
  • Managing the relationship with other (Honours) associations
  • Working on long-term strategy of HonEURs with the Vice-President
  • Increasing HonEURs’ presence

Why should you apply?

HonEURs has a strong community, and as the President you will be the bridge between HonEURs and all of its stakeholders. It is a great opportunity for you to learn how to best support your team and each individual board member. You will get to think about how you shape your board meetings best to facilitate great discussion and idea sharing, while keeping the meetings efficient. Working on the long-term strategy will give you the opportunity to further expand HonEURs and create value for our members in the way you see fit.

[Seyla Guller – President of the XIVth HonEURs Board]