Description of the function

As treasurer of the association you are responsible for preparing and sticking to the annual budget allocated to the association. This means you have to allocate a budget per event and per event type. Alongside this you’ll be responsible for maintaining the financial administration, creating invoices, collecting the annual direct debit and processing reimbursements. Therefore if you’re organised, detail-oriented, and have an affinity with numbers then this is the position for you!

Why should you apply?

There are many benefits of being the treasurer of the HonEURs association. For one, you are held in the loop on all different events. This means you automatically get to connect with all committees and board members whilst staying up to date on the fun things that are happening. Secondly, as treasurer of the association you have the possibility of vetoing events and ideas (of course provided you have plausible and concrete reasons behind your decisions). Some important skills you need to have as treasurer are: organisational skills, planning skills, and communication skills.

[Marnix Brenninkmeijer – Treasurer of the XIIVth HonEURs Board]