Description of the function

  • Shaping the strategic direction of HonEURs with the President
  • Supervising the Flagship Events committee
  • Managing our member base and being the first contact person of the association
  • Maintaining contact with honours programmes from all faculties
  • Facilitating the planning of annual academic, professional, and social events

Why should you apply?

Being the Vice President and Secretary of HonEURs is your opportunity to shape the association’s long-term strategy by outlining a vision and supervising the development of flagship events that contribute to its mission. The multifaceted aspect of the position makes it very exciting as it gives you various responsibilities! Not only are you supporting the President where needed, but you also manage the relationship between the board and members, get in close contact with faculties’ coordinators and collaborate with Dutch honours associations. I encourage everyone doing a board year at the HonEURs Association to make the most out of their student life!

[Emma Luesink – Vice President and Secretary of the XVth HonEURs Board]